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licensing and sync

WORKROOM has an extensive catalogue of master rights available for sync licensing, if you would like to use one of our songs for film, TV or other media use, please simply send us a message, using the form on our contact page, we would be glad to help with fast track clearance.

For many of our releases we have full rights to grant Worldwide synch licenses for both the track and the musical  composition.


We are developing a portal where those who are looking to source the right music for their project  can sign in to listen, select, license and download streamlining the process to make your job a little easier – allowing you to concentrate on your creative choices without getting bogged down in paperwork. 


We will be using AES authentication to enable the easy signature of synch licenses


Are you looking for:


A.    Music for a film, tv program, online or other AV use?

B.    Music for a multi-media brand advertisement?

C.    Music for in-store, online or other non-core exploitation?

D.    Music to be marketing compiled and themed releases?

E.    The right to sample any of our repertoire?


Any or None of the above – but you’d like to use our music? 


Please complete our Contact form with outline details and we’ll quickly come back to you with ideas. 


For speed of turnaround we contractually limit the extent to which consultation is required but our ethics prevent us from compromising credibility by the wrong license. 


Our artists and song-writers empower us to conclude licenses for their works and we in turn respect their creative boundaries.

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