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Frequently Asked Questions



What’s the deal with this ‘mastered for DJ’s’ thing?

We make sure the levels and EQ sound awesome when you are playing them in your set

Why do WORKROOM release mix better ?

We aim all WORKROOM releases to sync easily in DJ tools like Traktor and Rekordbox and for DJ’s to be able to mix into them and out of them so that they blend easily with other music, so we aim at avoiding things like long intros and swirling pads - we aim to make all WORKROOM releases easy for DJ’s to program into their sets and sound TIGHT!



Can I get on your mailing list?

If you’re a ripped smokin' hot uber cool DJ regularly playing out live or if you do radio or podcasting, sure, just fill in our application form with some basic details and if it all looks kosher you can be added to our pre-release mailing list. You can leave the list at any time if you want just by sending us an unsubscribe email.



What kind of music do you guys release?

Right now all genres of house: Trance, EDM, Deep House, Disco, Funky House, Techno and Dubstep/Trap.

We’re not doing Hip Hop, Grime or Ragga yet but we may add them later.



I wanna remix your stuff! Can I get stems?

If you can send us a message telling us a bit about yourself then we can probably do that but bear in mind that you can’t commercially release your remix, you would need to come back to us and we may release it because we have an agreement with the original artist that needs to be respected.



Can I get WAV files instead of MP3?

It really depends on what kinds of audiences you play to. Our standard promo format is high quality MP3, IT'S HOW WE ROLL.





Why do you say ‘song’ sometimes and ‘track’ other times?

‘Track’ relates to the recorded master audio file which is streamed or downloaded. ’Song’ refers to the composition. The master ‘track’ is digitally distributed to Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google and other digital stores, the ‘song’ is the musical composition, the recording of which appears on the ‘track’ - published information that with the correct writer details, use of the song  is tracked by the PRS who account directly to the writer and the writer’s publisher so that the writers of the song can earn royalties.



So how do I pitch my tracks to you?

Please simply go to our ‘Pitch your Music’ page and send your individual tracks to our A&R team.


My track has samples I lifted from a Whitney Houston record is this cool?

Sorry it’s not! We can only release music that the artist fully owns and has the right to license to us.


My track has X-Rated lyrics is this cool?

No sorry, we can only release music that can be played on the radio and in public places like clubs. That’s not to say that a small amount of profanity can’t be creatively dealt with by reversing a word, it’s better to do this so that your music can get the maximum amount of exposure without any broadcaster banning it or DJ getting fired for playing it.



I’ve got a wicked house track but it’s instrumental only - is this cool?

It’s cool man!



How do you promote tracks?

Via social media (you know how important that is) - we try to encourage sharing and get your track to go viral, we also send your track to some of the world’s biggest and most influential club DJ’s and have a DJ list that should get your track out there worldwide, then it’s up to the DJ’s: If they like it and their audience does too, you could have a hit! It’s down to each individual track and the reactions that determine how we promote your music. We want your music to be successful.



Will my track have a chance of getting in the pop charts?

It depends on DJ reaction, we are ready to register tracks for the Official Chart if the DJ reactions are strong and the track starts picking up a lot of radio play. One thing is for sure: you only have a chance of getting your track in the charts if it’s properly released and registered in the first place and that’s what we do.

What happens if you like it?

Then we’ll ask if you would like us to release it for you and handle your music publishing if you don’t already have a publisher, then if you do we will send you a standard form track agreement and a song publishing agreement, after you have signed them we will start work, schedule a release and try to make your track and song a success. We sign individual tracks and songs - not artist careers so you have absolutely no commitment to sign more to us, you are free to bring us more if you want and we hope that you want to.

What happens if you hate it?


It’s not really whether we hate something because all music is artistically subjective, music is art, however it does need to be commercially viable and technically good, it must fit into DJ’s sets and we need them to want to play it and get a great reaction from their audiences. If we feel that your track does not have a chance of this because of any of the above or it’s formatted out of kilter with current musical genres then we may pass on it but this does not stop you from pitching other tracks. Please just pitch the very best ones you have and they don’t need to be mastered. If a track is totally original and different to what’s out there this is also good, originality is good too but technical acceptability is also key.

I’ve got hundreds of tracks! Can you listen to all of them?

Please pick the best three! We want to hear your best work and you know it better than we do, pitch what in your opinion are the best three tracks that have the greatest chance of being played by DJ’s and being commercially successful.



Can you give me constructive criticism of my tracks if you reject them?

We really can’t offer much in the way of constructive criticisms, as you can understand we do receive a lot of music and we really pick the ones that stand out as having the best chances of commercial success, we release house, disco and other electronic dance music and it needs to be technically acceptable so that DJ’s in clubs and radio want to play it. We generally reject tracks based on technical issues, if they are badly arranged or have uncleared samples. We need original sounding music that DJ’s will want to play.


If you reject one of my tracks can I still pitch another one?

Absolutely! Although if your track has been rejected because of distortion for example, please be careful not to send another distorted track or another track with uncleared  samples. We are looking for great tracks and if the publishing is also available that’s good news too.


Will I still own my music if it’s signed to you guys?

Absolutely. When we sign a track license, you will grant to us the necessary rights in the track so that we can release and exploit it worldwide on all different platforms so that it can make money and be exposed to as many people as possible. This is broadly the same in relation to us handling your music publishing rights. 



What’s my cut?

50% of all profits that your track makes from any source, you and WORKROOM are 50/50 collaborators on that particular track rather than signing you as an artist, we are not the kind of record label that shackles artists into long term contracts on their careers. It’s for the individual tracks that we sign and if it works, we would like to do more with you, if you want. We are a game changing fast food bite sized express record label.


Man, I can release my own tracks by one of these free online services!

You can but that’s really DISTRIBUTION and then you would need to do all the other stuff yourself including marketing, publishing, trying to get film and TV companies to use your music, we include things like registration for the charts, getting releases on all the top digital stores and promoting your music to the world’s top DJ’s and tastemakers. We are an experienced record company run by people with 30+ years experience of hit making, production, mixing and mastering. With us your track has a greater chance of long term success and making money.


Why shouldn’t I go to a major record company instead?

Good luck getting an A&R team to listen to and sign your music and see how slow they are at releasing it. Major record labels are big slow machines and they are focused on developing the careers on a handful of big stars, we are small, fast and focused on individual tracks, getting DJ’s playing them and that they are out there earning money fast.



What happens if my track needs some mixing and mastering?

Then we’ll tell you what we think if we are interested in signing it and it still needs mixing or mastering, we have the team to do this and  you won’t have to hand over any money, we will want to get your accepted track right for the DJ’s and digital stores, it’s part of our service, IT'S WHAT WE DO.


I only have a low quality MP3 and no DAW stems - is this OK?

We really need to have WAV of the stereo master and some multitrack DAW files so that the track can be remixed if needed and mastered. If you don’t have this then it might be time to consider re-recording it.



So where will my track be streamed and sold?

In the world’s top digital stores including Amazon, Beatport, Deezer, Google Play, APPLE iTunes (Apple Music), Juno, Pandora, Pyro, Shazam, SPOTIFY, Tidal, TRAXSOURCE and more.



What other ways can you help my track earn money?

Another potential long term source of income is sync licensing to other media platforms including movies, TV, commercials and video games, this kind of usage is usually very lucrative and earns more money than the initial record release, sometimes many years later a track and or song can be used on one of these platforms and begin to earn money for the artist and writers. We try to get this kind of use as well as the original digital release and hand-in-hand with this is the publishing, which if we also handle for you means  that there’s a greater chance of your song being a valuable asset.


How long am I locked into you as my label?

You are NEVER locked in as an artist, you are free to take your follow up anywhere you want but we hope if you have had some success with us on one track, you would like to do more with us.



What happens if you release my track and it goes nowhere?

Sometime it may appear that a track went nowhere if the original digital release didn’t get much reaction but even many years later a released track may get used on another platform like a film or TV show or a commercial and then it could earn even more money that if it were a hit when originally released. The music business can be very unpredictable and you can start to have success when you least expect it, that’s why it’s such a good idea to have your music properly registered, released and published instead of just sharing it with your friends.


What do you mean by ‘published’?

When a song is published the details of the writers and the title of the song are registered with a music publisher and the PRS/MCPS (Performing Right Society/Mechanical Copyright Protection Society), together they collect royalties on use worldwide and account to the writer of the song who then earns royalties if the released track with the published song is used on various platforms. If a song is not published and a track is not released than it can’t earn royalties for the artist. A song can earn royalties for the writers many years after it’s been originally released, if it’s used on a film, the writers receive royalties if they are published and are members of the PRS/MCPS  It costs £100 to join the PRS and become a professional songwriter who can earn royalties directly from them. This fee is only paid once, it’s not an annual fee so is amazing value for money. It's your choice whether to join or not but we advise you to go for it.

To find out more about joining the PRS: Click here for more information

If you are based in the United States the equivalent society is ASCAP: Click here for more information

and if you are in another part of the world: Click here for more information

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