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about us

WORKROOM is a Guerilla record label


'Guerilla: a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces'


Our logo, the WORKROOM “Guerilla” is based on the Silverback: a fierce leader and feared opponent. 


Artists and DJ's: We are confident that we have your back.


Our mission is to be the platform of choice for creative artists and songwriters looking for commercial success.


To connect the tracks you make to influential DJ's who will play your music.


WORKROOM is an online record label - We're open 24/7 365 days a year - signing and releasing music


All our music is aimed at DJ's who are playing electronic music: house / disco / dubstep / EDM / all genres eventually.


To get your music released on WORKROOM you need to own it (no uncleared samples sorry)

You need have the master in WAV format and the DAW multitrack files available for mixing and mastering.

To be published as well you need to have composed the music and written the lyrics - we can’t publish cover versions.


It's got to be good quality and not sound like it was recorded through a sock, not distorted and you should only pitch us the BEST tracks you have, one track or a few we can't listen to 100 songs and choose the best ones because we only release one song at a time (with several mixes) - pitch your best work and our A&R team will listen to it.


Digital audio workstation tools (DAW) such as Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio means more people than ever have the tools to make music, the problem is though that many people are just sharing it with a few friends and giving it away on social media. 


Making music and just sharing it makes music disposable with a very short shelf life .

Giving music away free devalues it - artists only do this because traditionally it's been difficult to get a record deal.


WORKROOM is a very open record label, our A&R guys are not elusive guys that are hard to even contact, we are open 24/7 and ready to listen to your tracks whenever you want to pitch them to us and if they are commercially acceptable we will collaborate with you to get them released.


If your song is not already published then we can handle that for you too, your song will be properly registered with you as the writer and we will show you how to join the PRS so that you can become a professional songwriter and earn writer royalties.


We believe that your tracks could be properly released and earning you money. We want artists to stop giving away their talent when they could be making money from it.


WORKROOM releases individual tracks rather than signing and developing artists, this allows us to move more quickly than traditional record labels - We believe that artists should be free to decide their own destiny.


With WORKROOM the artist always continues to own their music, the track is licensed to us, we promote, exploit and monetize individual songs in partnership with our artists, help them get their tracks released commercially, out there in the marketplace and used worldwide on as many different media platforms as possible, published, properly registered, tracked and out there earning money.


Artists are accounted to directly from the distributor and we encourage all songwriters to join the PRS so that they can earn writer royalties which they will be accounted to directly from WORKROOM as you music publisher (if you appoint us to manage your rights) and the PRS. 


The partners in WORKROOM Simon Harris and Mark Wilkins first met in the mainstream music business at Polydor Records. Simon was an already a respected producer and remixer and Mark was an experienced music business lawyer. Their collective knowledge of artistic, creative and business elements of the music business are unrivaled. They know what makes the music business tick, where the major companies are missing out and how to achieve success. They are now growing a young team of fresh music business brains to help grow the WORKROOM platform.


We punch well above our weight. Why? Because, through the careful use of new technology we can stimulate more interest in and achieve greater results for our recording artists and songwriters than they have experienced by using the conventional and, often much more passive, channels to market.

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